These garden lights were developed to fill a real void that we discovered when searching for natural appearing lights to subtly highlight details of low level landscape items (flowers, ferns, grasses, waterfalls etc.) so that they became the focus of attention and not the light itself.

What we could find in catalogues or stores were bright lamps on metal stanchions with metal hoods, or oversized, and single textured, look alike plastic lumps. Commercial spots weren’t suitable as they overpowered the setting and took front stage. The void still existed.

The challenge was undertaken to create what was needed until the challenge was met. Finally we developed a method (patent pending) for creating the perfect light source and our lighting modules became reality.

Yielding to consistent encouragement to make these unique lights available for others we now create limited sets of Night Lights in our studios designed to compliment discerning landscape settings as they exist throughout various geographical regions of the US.

Exacting details of each Night Light "master" are patiently captured and molded so that it may be faithfully replicated. Our goal was to make these so real that they could not be visually differentiated from the master as it occurs naturally.

We developed a complex cementious material with unique properties that make it freeze-thaw resistant. It is pre-colored with base dyes and forced under extreme pressue into the intricate details of the mold cavities. During the curing process each Night Light is etched with selected acid stains that permanently capture the look and colorations of the original specimen.

This all takes time and cannot be rushed. Our Night Lights are individually handcrafted requring about three weeks to complete the various steps involved. Each light is unique and never the same as any another. We do not "pick” an order from stock, but rather we begin the creation process only upon receipt of an order. Thus it is the process itself that determines the final ship date.

We hope you enjoy your selection. Should you not find in our offerings exactly what you need to enhance your individual landscape or garden setting, e-mail us. More than likely, we can create a custom mold that will produce a "lighted" copy of any original specimen you may prefer.